Women’s Health

NICOLE: Well I’ve had amazing benefits, myself, with silver and I’m so grateful to have it in my life everyday. I used to get really bad bladder infections, and I was constantly on pharmeceuticals and whatnot, and I tried the silver and I was able to clear all my bladder infections, all my yeast infections (because bladder would turn into yeast infection and whatnot), and it’s great. I use it on everything.

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: Well I know that women’s issues are probably the #1 issue that the liquid silver and the gel is being used for, presently. So I’ve written a book, and it’s on the women’s health issues using silver. What that means is, we go through all the bladder infections, urinary tract infections, and you can consume two teaspoons twice a day of silver to be well on a daily basis. But when a bladder infection comes up, you want to get rid of it right now without having to go to your doctor, without having to be on antibioitics, and silver provides that opportunity to, right now, take one ounce in the morning, an hour later take another ounce, an hour later take one more ounce, and in four doses you can actually wipe out – literally in two hours – a bladder infection and never have to go to the doctor, never have to have antibiotics, never have to have the negative effects of the pharmaceutical world. You have control of your own world, you have control of your own time, and if you get it quick enough, you’re back to normal very rapidly without the negative side-effects that pharmaceutical drugs provide. And it doesn’t cost as much to go to the doctor.

NICOLE: Very true. Yes, absolutely.

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: In addition to the bladder infections, this women’s health guide is important because it talks about all the different ways silver can be used. Not only for bladder infections, but for vaginal infections and other infections that doctors aren’t treating appropriately. And when you say that, you go “Wait a minute, doctor’s know everything!” Well, what happens is women will come in and they’ll have a yeast infection. Their yeast infection, no doctor really knows right off the bat if it’s bacterial or fungal. Yeast is a fungal infection. If a doctor writes a prescription for an antibiotic, it will kill the bacteria, but it will make the fungus grow and the yeast infection will get worse. The woman will come back a week later after all this pain and suffering and say “I’ve got a yeast infection,” and then they’ll get an anti-fungal drug and the bacteria will grow. Women finally get so tired and go “I’m not doing this anymore,” and they tolerate year, after year, after-year; pain, after pain, after pain.