The following quote is taken from “The Silver Solution to Women’s Wellness” by Dr. Gordon Pedersen:

Description: The habits that promote constant wellness and disease-free living, which promotes a wholeness and foundation for happy living.

Symptoms: Healthy body systems, normal constant wellness, balanced and self-reliant immunity and the ability to defend against environmental pathogens.

Causes: The causes of wellness are numerous: a positive attitude, healthy genetics, eating correctly, sleeping sufficiently to recharge, exercise, regular cleansing, reduction of stress and supplementing where there are deficiencies or greater needs. Silver is the perfect supplement for healthy living because it destroys the cause of most disease-causing bacteria, viruses and yeast. By taking silver daily it reduces the workload on an already overworked immune system. Silver can be your first line of defense because it supports a healthy immune system and works directly on any part of the body that is infected, weakened or in need of healing. By taking silver two teaspoons twice a day you are promoting wellness. In the event you need to use more, it is safe to double or quadruple the amount for a month. The gel is magnificent because it works wherever you apply it, inside or outside the body.


  • Structured Silver liquid: Drink two teaspoons twice a day for prevention and double it when there is more demand.
  • Structured Silver gel: Apply to wounds, scratches, scrapes, vaginal infections, the mouth, nose, throat or wherever there is need to destroy germs. The gel can be safely used as many as one to ten times a day for three months at a time, then return to normal or near normal usage.