Skin Infections, Acne and Mastitis

The following quote is taken from “The Silver Solution to Women’s Wellness” by Dr. Gordon Pedersen:

Description: Infections on and under the skin.

Symptoms: Infections under the skin causing the inflammation and the destruction of healthy skin tissues resulting in pustules, cysts, boils and inflamed painful tissues.

Causes: Bacteria, viruses and fungus that infects healthy skin topically and under the surface of the skin.


  • Structured Silver liquid: Drink two teaspoons at minimum twice a day for wellness.
  • Structured Silver gel: Apply to infected areas at least twice a day (up to six times a day) to destroy the cause of the infection. Alternately, a small spray bottle, easily carried in a purse or backpack, can be used on the skin throughout the day.
  • For the face: Apply Structured Silver gel as soon as you leave the shower and have pat-dried your face. Then wait two minutes for the gel to penetrate the skin, after which you can apply makeup.
  • For other skin infections like mastitis or athletes foot: Apply the gel to the skin twice a day or more as needed.
  • If the gel can penetrate the skin and get the source of the infection, it will kill the bacteria in six minutes.