Silver Solution Uses by Body System

This page gives guidance for using structured silver solution.

The source of these tips and application methods is the book “A New Fighting Chance” by Dr. Pedersen, pages 35 to 39.

General Uses for Body Systems

Structured silver may be your most effective tool to maintain, sustain and support your immune defenses. This chapter provides basic guidelines for appropriate application of structured silver depending on how it is being used. More detailed information on specific health challenges is given in a later chapter.

An important question to ask with your healthcare professional is, “if there are pathogens in the body that structured silver can kill on contact, how do I get the right amount of silver to specific locations around the body?” This is basically a question of delivery. Since the body is complex, different delivery strategies are needed for different parts of the body and for different infections.

Here are several recommendations, organized by body system.

General Usage:
• Maintenance dose: 2 teaspoons, hold under tongue for 30 seconds then swallow, twice a day
• Acute Immune Issue: 2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day

Respiratory System:
• Respiratory Health: Swallow two teaspoons twice daily and spray 3-4 sprays in nose as needed.
• Nasal Health / Allergies: Swallow 2 teaspoons twice daily and spray into the nose 3-4 sprays 4 times a day.
• Mouth and Gum Health: Twice daily, hold 2 tablespoons in mouth and gargle for 4-5 minutes, then swallow.
• Throat Health: Hold 2 tablespoons in mouth for 3 minutes then swallow; repeat several times a day. If using spray, 15 sprays every other hour.
• Lung Health: Swallow 2 tablespoons 2-3 times a day, and inhale 4 sprays four times a day.

Cardiovascular Health:
• 2 tablespoons, hold in mouth for 1 minute, then swallow, twice a day.

Digestive / Intestinal System:
• Gastrointestinal Health: Swallow two teaspoons twice daily.
• Intestinal Health Balance: Take 2 tablespoons of silver 2-3 times a day and combine with probiotics twice a day.

Urinary System:
• Drink 2 tablespoons twice daily.

Female Specific:
• Female Health: Use two to three ounces in affected area, hold for ten minutes then release, 1-2 times daily. And drink 2 tablespoons twice daily.

Sensory System:
• Ear Health: Point ear towards the sky and put 5 drops into ear and hold upright for 10 minutes. Repeat every 12 hours. And swallow 2 teaspoons twice daily.
• Eye Health: Use 1-2 drops every hour.

Immune / Allergy Health:
• Nasal Health / Allergies: Swallow 2 teaspoons twice daily and spray into the nose 3-4 sprays 1-4 times a day.

First Aid Recovery Support for Cuts, Scrapes, Bug Bites, etc.:
• To support the immune system, swallow 2 teaspoons twice a day and apply gel topically as needed.

Skin and Nails:
• Skin Health: To support the immune system, apply gel twice daily or as needed, and swallow liquid 2 teaspoons twice daily.
• Nail Fungus: Frequent use of small amounts of product is best.

Healthy Water:
• 2 tablespoons per gallon of water, wait 4 minutes, drink as needed.

• Swallow 2 teaspoons before, during and after flying or driving, for general immune support. Hold under tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. And spray.
• 3-4 sprays into nose before flying.

Please be aware that federal regulations limit dietary supplements to oral administration even if structure function claims may be specific to certain body parts.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure, treat, diagnose or prevent any disease.

Immune System

Structured silver is a mild immune modulator. It has been shown to cause an increase in the number and activity of immune cells when taken orally. This means that if you drink a teaspoon of silver liquid twice daily you will find an increase in the number of white blood cells, which destroy foreign pathogens in the body. It should be noted that this improvement in immune health occurs within an hour after drinking silver and will last for approximately 24-48 hours after. You can expect to have improved defenses against bacteria viruses and yeast during the time you are taking a structured silver and for a day or two after. In addition silver can help protect and shield the body from diseases caused by these pathogens by killing them upon direct contact.

Drink one teaspoon 2 times daily to support immune function, and apply a pH-balanced silver gel as needed to affected areas that require gel application. Benefits can be measured in the blood within one hour and will last up to two days after the last drink. Benefits from the gel can be felt in 3-5 minutes as it helps reduce pain and inflammation. For more serious health concerns silver liquid can be taken 2-4 times greater doses.

Respiratory System

Structured silver destroys bacteria viruses and yeast that resides in or around the respiratory system (ears, nose, throat, lungs).

• Inhaled (from a nebulizer 30 minutes a day or two episodes of 15 minutes each).
• Drink two teaspoons twice a day, or spray fine mist up nose 2-5 times a day.
• Apply gel to the nose, sinuses mouth, and hands to prevent infections or spread of germs. This can be done 1-5 times a day or as often as it keeps the nasal passages moist.

Reproductive System

Silver benefits the reproductive organs by destroying bacteria, viruses and yeast that may cause damage to the delicate organs and tissues of the reproductive system. Silver destroys bacteria that cause urinary tract infections and yeast that causes yeast infections. This can be accomplished in about ten minutes as long as the silver comes in close proximity to the germs.

• Drink liquid silver two teaspoons twice a day to help destroy germs from the inside out.
• Apply silver gel to the reproductive tissues that are susceptible to infections (vagina, penis, foreskin, breast, pubic hair etc.). This should be done twice a day or more often if needed.
• Apply the silver gel to a tampon and insert for 90 minutes in order to stay in contact with germs intravaginally.
• Apply the gel twice a day to the foreskin, condom or genitals to protect yourself or your sex partner.

Circulatory System

Structured silver destroys the bacterium that causes cardiovascular diseases. The gel can be used as toothpaste to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath, cavities, abscesses, and heart disease because this kind of bacteria resides in the gums. A mouthwash twice a day will kill bacteria in the mouth as well.

Digestive System

Silver liquid and gel can be swallowed and enter the digestive tract where it will destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast. There are serious diseases that originate in the intestines, colon, and vital organs of digestion. Silver can pass through the digestive tract unchanged. This means the silver kills germs in the kidneys and bladder just as effectively as it kills bacteria in the mouth. This is significant because kidney, liver and bladder infections are very difficult to control but silver will pass through the bloodstream and flow through the liver, thus cleansing the germs out of the liver, then pass through the kidneys and on to the bladder where pathogens will be destroyed when they come in close proximity with the silver nanoparticles.


• Drink two teaspoons of silver liquid twice daily for digestive health. In the event there is a food poisoning, diarrhea, or other digestive malady, silver liquid can be swallowed one ounce every hour for 12 hours or until remedied. Usually the most serious symptoms of the food poisoning problem can be brought under control in 2-4 hours with the remainder of the sickness requiring maintenance doses (two teaspoons twice daily).
• Apply the gel to any orifice of the body that may need protection from germs (1-4 times a day).

Hair Skin and Nails

Structured silver liquid and gel destroys the bacteria, viruses and yeast that cause diseases in the hair, skin and nails. The liquid can be used in shampoo, lotions, gels, and moisturizers and under nails. The gel can be applied to all skin conditions and can be pushed under nails to destroy yeast.

• All of these can benefit from drinking structured silver liquid two teaspoons twice a day and applying the gel 2-4 times a day or as needed topically.