Silver Gel

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: For now, and for ever more, the gel can be applied to a tampon. It’s as simple as taking a tampon, applying a dab of gel—are we gonna do this demonstration?


DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: Isn’t it so funny, she just shows up with a tampon? Ta-da! Superhero with a tampon! Okay, I’m going to let you tear that open for me and we’re going to actually demonstrate this.

So here’s the issue: Intravaginally, women have yeast and bacteria. If we give one drug, the other flares up. So with this problem, silver is the one product that can kill bacteria and viruses and yeast. It’s this simple: If you take a tampon (I pulled it apart because I’m not very good at using them), if you take a tampon and partially expose it (because I should have pushed instead of pulling there), just a little bit, a dab of gel about the size of a nickel is all that’s required. It’s that simple. Now, when this is put intravaginally, it goes right up to the edge of the cervix. It also coats the inside of the vaginal walls, and it destroys bacteria – which means you’re going to have bacterial vaginosis that goes away, itching and scratching will be remedied probably in 30 minutes – it’s going to kill the viruses, including HPV – the human papilloma virus – and you’re going to destroy the yeast infection all at the same time! So, how often do we use this? This is inserted every night for three nights, and you know what? 99% of all the problems are gone. It’s simple, you just put this in at night, you wear it until morning, take it out, and this is the treatment for bacterial, viral, and yeast infections. Oh, and by the way, two teaspoons of liquid silver taken twice a day, orally, will help the rest of the body cleanse as well. Now what do I do with this?

MERCEDES: Um … well … we’ll put it on here.

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: I knew that was funny. Oh, and by the way, the gel is so safe you can eat it if you want. (You notice I didn’t take that off the tampon because it wouldn’t be funny). But, the reality is very simply this: It is so safe that it can be used in any orifice of the body. It can be applied to hemorrhoids, it can be applied to vaginal infections, it can be applied to warts, it can be applied to rashes, it’s the best thing in the world for burns, and all you have to remember is: by putting it on and smearing it around, you’re going to be applying the ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, yeast, and all of those are the sources of most diseases.

MERCEDES: That’s awesome.