New Silver Solutions

MERCEDES: Hello there. Today we’d like to talk about the new advancements in silver. My name is Mercedes, and over here we have Nicole. And we are co-creators of a wellness organization known as the B3 Society. And today we’re really excited to talk to Dr. Pedersen about silver. So, Dr. Pedersen, can you tell us a little about yourself and what your background is?

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: Oh, I have a lot of background. I have 4 medical degrees: I’m a PhD Research Doctor in toxicology (so that’s drug research); I’m board certified in the specialty of anti-aging medicine; I’m a naturopathic doctor because I learned in traditional medicine, we didn’t know it all, and there are way to many natural things that are valuable without toxins. And I’m also a wound care specialist. So I try to bring a holistic approach to the traditional and clinical medicine that I’ve been trained in.

MERCEDES: Awesome, awesome. That’s very cool. In the B3 Society, we’ve had a lot of experience with silver, and we’ve been able to have a lot of awesome results. Can you tell us a little about what’s new in silver?

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: Oh, silver is one of my favorite things to talk about because there have been so many miraculous things that we’ve seen. New means what was old first, was silver coins and barrels to stop bacterial growth in milk. Then it moved to a colloidal silver, and colloidal silver could destroy bacteria, viruses, mold. Well now we even have silver sol and other chemical forms of silver.

The latest and greatest is we’ve discovered that an alkaline silver is very beneficial to wellness. What that means is we now have silver that’s ph-balanced in an alkaline form. All the other silvers are acids. Acids that you put in your body on a regular basis are great to kill, but if you’re going to take a silver every single day, which I advise, you’re gonna want an alkaline silver. So that’s the newest, the latest, the greatest.

And then we have some energetic systems. Silver transfers energy better than any of the other minerals. For that reason, we can actually put a code, or we can actually energize silver in a way that not only is it alkaline, not only can it destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, yeast, and parasites, we can also do it in a way that’s alkaline for wellness and carries a frequency for wellness as well.

So that’s what’s new: alkaline, wellness, and a frequency of daily use for your body’s wellness.

MERCEDES: That’s awesome. I know Nicole had a few questions for you, too, about silver.

NICOLE: Yeah, would you like to tell us a little bit about the gel and how that’s kind of different now and easier?

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: Oh the silver gel is probably my favorite product of any. Not only does silver come in a liquid you where you can drink, but if you can put it on your body as a gel, it will stay in place, knowing that in 6 minutes, silver can destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, or yeast. What we find is most people want it for sinus infections, throat infections, or vaginal infections. But if you just put water on, it runs right off the body. So the gel holds it in place, holds it in place longer. Now we’re finding people use it for their skin – it’s a great anti-aging product. We can have this gel that now can be used any part of the body – even the eyes, even vaginal use – because it’s going to stay in place, lock onto that pathogen for 6 minutes, totally eliminate, destroy, or kill bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold. So now we’re seeing people using it for psoriasis, for eczema, for vaginal infections, for their skin, for anti-aging, but most of all I’ve seen it work for something as simple as diaper rash. Diaper rash can be bacterial, it can be fungal, but either way apply it to that red, almost chemically burned baby’s bottom. And because of that pathogen is destroyed almost in the first six minutes, and the healing takes place, you’ve got a solution in two hours that used to take two days, and it reduces the pain in the process. It’s an amazing thing, the gel is, Again, wherever you want to put it on the body, if it stays in place for six minutes, you’re going to have a significant benefit.

MERCEDES: That being said, some of the old gels had more additives in them, and I’ve heard they’ve taken some of those out of in new gels, such as T.E.A., I think?

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: Yeah, T.E.A. doesn’t stand for “tea,” it stands for a chemical. And this chemical is used to thicken the liquid, so we start as a liquid, and we use this – Triethanolamine is what it’s called – to thicken it. The only problem is, is in the past it’s the #1 thickening agent in the pharmaceutical world, but it’s started to show up on possibly could cause cancers and possibly could be too heavy of a toxin. Well, it was never used in a very high amount, so everybody kind of turned a blind eye to it, but isn’t it a lot smarter if you’re going to use a daily product with all the benefits of silver – and it’s going to be alkaline for wellness – that we get rid of those kind of possible carcinogens? That’s why it’s new, that’s why it’s better, and people need to trust the product is going to be as all-natural as possible. How much more all-natural can you get than purified silver, purified water, and just one percent of an agent that causes it to be thickened? Don’t pick something that’s toxic to do so, that’s where we’re at.

MERCEDES: That’s great. That’s good to hear.