The following quote is taken from “The Silver Solution to Women’s Wellness” by Dr. Gordon Pedersen:

Description: Hormone changes that produce physiologic, behavioral and mental changes.

Symptoms: Mental anxiety, delusion, hot flashes, pain, cessation of menstruation, ageing and skin degeneration.

Causes: Reduction in the female hormones resulting in changes in the normal physiologic functions, mental well-being and behavioral adjustments to the changes in hormones. Some times bacteria or fungus can negatively affect the hormone balance from the ovaries. With the changes in hormone levels the skin loses some of its ability to maintain flexible, regenerative abilities.


  • Structured Silver liquid: Drink a minimum of two teaspoons twice a day to prevent and maintain wellness.
  • Structured Silver gel: Apply to the face, head, neck and all other skin areas to help reduce bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The gel helps with existing wounds and long-term scars. Apply to these wounds or scars twice daily for three months and expect significant improvement in wound healing and reduction of existing scars, while preventing the cause of acne and premature aging.