Hysterectomy, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

The following quote is taken from “The Silver Solution to Women’s Wellness” by Dr. Gordon Pedersen:

Description: Chronic inflammation of the pelvic region due to ongoing infections.

Symptoms: Long term inflammation and infections of the vagina, vulva, uterus and surrounding tissues. It may be painful for a short or long period of time and is aggravated by urination, sexual activity or yeast overgrowth.

Symptoms: Extreme pain, inflammation and possible nausea, with fever.

Causes: Bacteria, viruses and yeast.


  • Structured Silver liquid: Drink two teaspoons twice a day for prevention or drink two tablespoons twice a day for severe conditions.
  • Structured Silver gel: Apply to the affected and painful area at least twice a day to destroy the pathogens that cause the pain and infection.
  • Silver douche: Use three ounces of Structured Silver liquid and mix it with three ounces of distilled water and pump the solution into the vaginal cavity and hold for ten minutes, then release. This should be done once a day, for five days, or until symptoms are gone.
  • Optional uses: Pour four ounces of liquid silver into a warm full tub of water, then bathe, soak and relax, flushing the silver water into the vaginal cavity. Twenty-five minutes is average for a muscle relaxing vaginal flush in the tub.