Alkaline Structured Silver vs Silver Aquasols

MERCEDES: Now, is there any proof out there that gives a justification that it’s better than old silvers?

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: Well the old silver is terrific. I’ve written books and done many many documentaries, I’ve done paper after paper, from influenza to vaginal infections it’s a terrific product. Why is it just a little better now? Well it’s a little better now because it’s alkaline and the alkalinity is better for wellness.

We recognize that alkaline systems don’t allow most pathogens to even start to grow. So we’re putting an alkaline system to work and we’re doing it in a way that the body can use it.

And we tested it in the lab, the very same labs we tested all the other silver in did the tests for us. And we found that a 1.4 log reduction, better killing rate. What does 1.4 log reduction mean? Well that’s a logarithmic scale that says about 1.4 million cells were killed better using the new alkaline silver than in the other cells.

So if you want to kill faster, more completely better, with an alkaline wellness system that is proven in the lab just in the same place that we proved the other. That’s why I’m promoting the new pH-balanced, alkaline-structured silver, as opposed to the old – which is still terrific, which is still wonderful – but don’t you want the very best? And with the philosophy change, I’m not putting an acid into my body, I’m actually putting alkaline in my body. It’s working with my body instead of just going through there like chemotherapy and destroying stuff. We now have a wellness system that’s for everyday.

MERCEDES: Yeah, it’s awesome. We’re so excited. And we just want to say an extreme thank you to you for the old silver, for the new silver. We’ve bought hundreds of bottles, our society has had hundreds of success stories. Everything like you’ve said from allergies, to the burns, to our skin, our own personal skin, and we’re just so forever grateful.

NICOLE: I’m really excited with the new silver because we’re learning a lot about alkalinity and how that’s important for the body so this is that much greater. So it’s really exciting.

DR. GORDON PEDERSEN: Well thank you, and you two are our two best advertisements. Who wouldn’t want to look this good? Who wouldn’t want to be this happy? Who wouldn’t want to be this well? And by the way, even the most terrific, horrific, nasty strep, staph, and pseudomonas infections, pneumonias, all of these, there is a remedy. I’ve put them in my book and it’s a brand-new book, it’s talking about the alkaline-structured silver. The benefits from those are still just as good and even better as the past, but I hope that people who want to know how to use it for individual diseases will look at that.

MERCEDES: For sure. So, thank you, and the new silver that we’re using is “Thank You Silver.” Perfect name for even thanking Dr. Pedersen, thank you so for meeting with us today. We’re so grateful.