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Dr. Pedersen: New Silver Better than “A Fighting Chance” Silver

The newest form of silver – alkaline structured silver – is causing quite a stir. News of improved benefits are quickly spreading from person to person. This new silver is only available in a new silver solution that is different than the silvers described in “A Fighting Chance.”

In his 2008 book, “A Fighting Chance”, Dr. Gordon Pedersen wrote:

“Simply put, silver solutions interfere with the energy sources of bacteria, viruses and other microbes.” (page 13)

Dr. Pedersen now has updated silver news. There is an even better silver.

Introduced in five videos from 2013, here are selected quotes from Dr. Pedersen:

Gordon Pedersen Video
2013 – Even Better Silver

  • “And we tested it in the lab (the very same labs we tested all the other silver in did the tests for us) and we found that a 1.4 log reduction, better killing rate.”

  • “…isn’t it a lot smarter if you’re going to use a daily product […] that we get rid of those kind of possible carcinogens? That’s why it’s new, that’s why it’s better.”

  • “…colloidal silver could destroy bacteria, viruses, mold. Well now we even have silver sol and other chemical forms of silver. The latest and greatest is we’ve discovered that an alkaline silver is very beneficial to wellness. What that means is we now have silver that’s pH-balanced in an alkaline form. All the other silvers are acids.”

  • “Well the old silver is terrific. I’ve written books and done many many documentaries, I’ve done paper after paper, from influenza to vaginal infections it’s a terrific product. Why is it just a little better now? Well it’s a little better now because …”

  • “And by the way, even the most terrific, horrific, nasty strep, staph, and pseudomonas infections, pneumonias, all of these, there is a remedy. I’ve put them in my book and it’s a brand-new book, it’s talking about the alkaline-structured silver.”

Brand New Silver Solution

The video footage of Dr. Pedersen is from a conversation with a women’s society …


Video Clip #1: New Silver Solutions – Dr. Gordon Pedersen is welcomed by Nicole and Mercedes, co-founders of a women’s society with over 1000 members. This video interview was filmed for the society’s members as an update from earlier videos, books and articles. Dr. Pedersen introduces the new silver advances and benefits unavailable in the past.


Video Clip #2: Women’s Health – Applications of the new silver for female health are addressed, including bladder infections, yeast infections, and urinary tract infections.


Video Clip #3: New Silver Gel – Application of the silver gel for female health is demonstrated, along with suggested use by Dr. Pedersen for several female health issues.


Video Clip #4: Anti-Aging – Additional applications for silver are discussed, including anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. The advantage of pH-balance in a gel is also explained.


Video Clip #5: Alkaline Structured Silver vs Older Silvers – Scientific research comparing the effectiveness of silvers is address, along with the type of pathogens new silver is effective against.